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I have a variety of interests and hobbies; I tend to dabble in several things as opposed to perfecting one thing in particular. Some of my interests/hobbies include: drawing, history, languages, reading, sewing, social networking, swimming, and writing.
Below are instructions to make a tomato purse similar to one that I made for a Nyotalia Spain cosplay.  All pictures for references may be found in my photos.

~What you need to get started:~

*Red fabric (I used a rectangular piece of felt measuring 8.5"X11")
*Green fabric (again, I used felt)
*A metal button fastener
*3/4" wide black ribbon (you can use a different size or color if you want)
*Needle (or sewing machine) and thread of colors to match the fabric
*Chalk (optional)

~Regarding the Pattern~

*The pattern may be printed to the dimensions of the bag that is desired or the pattern can be traced onto the fabric.
*When I made my bag, I folded the piece of red felt in half and cut around the pattern, lining the fold in the fabric up with the bottom edge of the pattern.

~Sewing instructions~

*Using a backstitch, sew the seam of the red fabric about 1/4'" to 1/2" from the edge.  When finished, turn the fabric inside out so that the thread is inside the bag.
*Attach the leaves using a backstitch.
*Sew the button snap so that the thread for the snap is hidden under the leaves.
*Cut the ribbon out to match the length that you want for the handle of the purse and sew it onto the widest parts of the bag using plenty of small stitches (see photo for reference).


*The finished bag that I ended up with is big enough to hold my phone, a small wallet, some keys, and a few other small things.  It has survived a convention as well as a picnic, so I plan to give it some more use. <3
*By omitting the button snap and handle, this pattern could easily be used to make a pillow or plushie.
*Please let me know if you need any clarification on anything.

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